5 Horrible Ways Chiropractors Waste Time & Money

June 5, 2012Leave a reply
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The changing of the seasons is a great time to re-evaluate your general operating procedures and improve upon wasted energies and bloated budgets. To help you get started we have pointed out some of the obvious frequent offenders that we see on a regular basis. Are you guilty of any of these time or money wasters? Do you have other items that you meant to change but haven’t gotten around to yet? Let this list serve as motivation to help you get your office in order just in time for some summer relaxation!

1. Craigslist / Crowdsource / DIY

Many chiropractors hope to trim-line items by managing marketing tasks themselves or by hiring cut-rate marketers and companies. In general, it is always better to work smarter, not harder. In business this means identifying tasks that consume large amounts of your time (i.e. clerical, accounting, and marketing) and then hiring specialists to perform them. This not only frees you up to perform the core duties of your business (i.e healing patients, business development, and continuing education) but it also keeps you from pulling your hair out! Remember, cheap marketers and marketing companies usually need to be micro-managed which defeats the purpose of outsourcing the task in the first place.

2. Microsoft Products

There was time when Microsoft dominated absolutely everything in the tech world. Today, other than the operating system on your PC, Microsoft products are hardly needed to run a successful business. Opportunistic competitors like Kingsoft Office Suite Free, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Lotus Symphony, and Google Docs have ravaged Microsoft’s share of the market by offering free alternatives to the Office Suites. And, as if to add insult to injuruy, these free and low-cost alternatives tend to load and run faster with fewer bugs and crashes. At the jaw-dropping price of $499 for Microsoft Office Professional the free alternatives are at least worth taking a look at the next time your purchase a new computer.

3. Answering Machines

The age of the answering machine is long gone. Don’t laugh! You’d be surprised how many doctors are still using old-fashioned, physical, answering machines in the office. These archaic machines aren’t just taking up space but they could be causing unneeded headaches in your operations. For example, every time you leave the office, either for the day or for the weekend, people are trying to reach you to schedule, reschedule, or learn more about chiropractic appointments. Physical answering machines leave you disconnected from this crucial dance. Why play the Monday morning guessing game when you can check your messages in advance from home and plan accordingly?

4. Data Storage

Technology for data storage has made massive improvements over the last 5 years. The days of housing and maintaining servers for your office data are long gone. Many Customer Relationship Management (CRMs) systems not only safely store your data offsite but they also deal with all the tasks associated with the maintenance of the hardware. There are numerous benefits to this, some of our favorites are as follows. First, your data is safe and sound even in cases of extreme disasters like tornados, floods, fires, or break-ins. Second, your data is accessible to you from secondary locations such as your home office or laptop. Finally, you can relax in knowing that the team of network engineers securing your data are familiar with HIPAA Compliance and that they are routinely perform penetration tests on their systems.

5. Yellow Page Listings

In case you haven’t heard yet, the Yellow Pages are dead. I know… I know, its a shock but Like Tupac, Elvis, and dinosaurs they are not coming back no matter how much fanboys say otherwise. Search engines have quickly overtaken phone books and to make matters worse the online Yellow Page listings are buried in the search results. Google Maps, Bing Local, and Yelp are the new best friends of users seeking information about businesses and they are interactive. It’s obvious that no one wants to say it so we’ll be the first; chiropractors (and all other businesses for that matter) should put that horse out to pasture. RIP Yellow Pages :(.

Ready to Make the Shift?

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